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There are as many different systems for housing as there are breeds of cattle. Over the last 60 years we have been involved with most types of systems used within the farming world.

We also make buildings to house sheep, pigs and other farm animals — let us know your requirements and we will produce a design. Ventilation is of paramount importance in any stock building and we will give you free advice and guidance on any scheme you have in mind. We make our own hinged doors and sheeted gates and these can be in either a painted or galvanised finish.

Cladding Materials
A vast range of cladding material is currently available. Our experience in the application of each of the various alternatives is comprehensive, and we welcome the opportunity to advise on suitability and cost implication. Similarly, knowledge we have gained on the differing methods and advantages of roof and wall insulation is at your disposal.

Close Customer Service
DeVille & Lear’s policy of close personal involvement continues throughout, ensuring that the project benefits from the smoothest possible interaction between ourselves and other contractors and trades.

Our Quality


We only use reputable top quality sheeting materials, with a 20 year minimum guarantee.


They are all individually made to suit our buildings, with strength and finish quality at the forefront.


We only use high quality steel, we don’t use inferior materials such as Chinese imported steel.

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Personal Service

Personal attention by one of the directors at all times during the course of the build. Free assistance with planning applications.

Competitive Prices

Competitive prices with no hidden costs. Honest, reliable, and established company.

Health & Safety

We take Health & Safety seriously — the use of safety nets and handrails are included in the price.

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